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Forget about scrapbooking ... just have the kids do it!

You traveled. You enjoyed. You unpacked. Now, you’re too tired to record the memories. Sound familiar? Why not leave it to the kids before you even get home?!

I created Adventure Awaits: Kid's Travel Journal so your children could enjoy recording their memories on-the-go. And, as an added bonus to you ... it will keep them engaged as you travel!

My goal was to create an easy to use journal that kids could fill in on their own and provide an inviting space to capture the trip from their point of view. Kids are so good at remembering the funny little things that happen to only YOUR family!

You'll arrive home with a beautiful, completed keepsake - a journal that you and your family will cherish forever! How does that sound?

What's Included in The PDF Package:

  1. Instant Download
  2. Print Yourself At Home
  3. Dimensions: 8.5" x 11"
  4. 56 Page PDF eBook Includes
    1. This Journal Belongs To Page
    2. 2 Trip Planning Pages With US Map
    3. 14 Journal pages: double layout for each day - Colorful spaces are included for the kids to record vacation favorites, memories, weather, findings, etc.
    4. Trip Highlight Pages
    5. 16 Page Activity Pack full of jokes, riddles, puzzles, games, family conversation starters and more!
    6. Family Conversation Starters, Jokes, Riddles and More!
    7. Discount Price For Printed Travel Journal Copies
    8. Bonus: Travel Bucks 
    9. Bonus:  The Daily Plan Tags

The Kid's Travel Journals come in Instant Download and Printed editions!!

** The journal comes in 3 different options  & 3 Different Color Schemes**
- - 1 week journal has 44 pages
- - 2 week journal has 56 pages
- - 4 week journal has 86 pages

The Sightseer - Blue, Green & Yellow Bright Primary Colors

The Traveler - Pinks, Corals, Teals and Light Teal Colors

Magical Adventures - Red, Yellow, Black & White Colors - Perfect for Adventure Parks


Instant Download Daily Travel Tags & Travel Bucks!!!

** Keep track of your daily schedule with our DAILY PLAN TAGS PDF and share it with the kids to keep them on track and not ask too often what is on the agenda. **

** With your purchase of a travel journal you also will receive a sheet of 12 TRAVEL BUCKS PDF for you to print at home.  Use the Travel Bucks for anything you would like. Parents use them for incentives for behavior, patience, goal setting, etc.  

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